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Summer 2019 Brochure

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“It’s difficult to think anything but pleasant thoughts while eating a homegrown tomato.” -Lewis Grizzard, American writer and humorist

People get a little bolder and more wild in summer. You’ve got things going on kabobs, things cooking on the bone. There’s something about standing over a grill or outside with the family that inspires us. Guy Fieri

When I think about summer food, I picture fresh, gorgeous fruits and vegetables from the garden, and I also picture grilling. I grew up with a large family garden and so it’s natural that summer conjures up memories of raspberry picking, peach canning, big bowls of green beans on the table, and the very best tomatoes ever. It’s puzzling, however, that my family didn’t grill very often. I’m not sure why—we had plenty of room and my dad brought home lots of freshly caught fish. I suppose I’ll never know now that my parents are gone, but nonetheless, my own family has embraced the tradition with enthusiasm!

Most people enjoy the primal nature of grilling over a fire—the open heat, the flavor the smoke imparts, the dark grill marks on the food. I believe that we in the Pacific Northwest appreciate grilling all the more because the season is somewhat limited. If grilling evokes fond memories, elicits a positive emotional response, or if you just appreciate the practicalities of this cooking method, sign up for one of our six classes out on our beautiful deck!

I’m excited about all our classes but I especially love our market tours, where we get to go out and explore the world of food! We have three this summer, Pranee’s International District Tour, the South Tacoma Ethnic Markets Tour, and the Seattle SODO/Georgetown Tour. If you haven’t had the opportunity to go on one of these, I highly recommend them!

I also highly recommend our summer camps for kids. This year’s theme is the National Parks of the West, a theme which I adore (thank you, Irene Schade). This is a super fun opportunity for kids to learn cooking skills, taste new foods, and make friends.

Enjoy the fresh food of the summer, the sun, the time off, and the grill! Hope to see you soon, upstairs in the BSC kitchen!

Leanne Willard

BSC Director