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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for a class?

Please review the BSC Registration Policy...if you don't want to click through to that page, just know that you can register by phone at 754-1448. You have the option to pay via credit card on the same call or if you prefer you can stop by the Storman's Inc. between 9am and 4pm. That office is located at 1932 East 4th Avenue in Olympia. You may also send your payment via snail mail to the same address.

Remember...some classes fill up quickly and payment is necessary to promise you a seat!

Where can I find out what's happening at the Bayview School of Cooking?
Well, you are always welcome to visit this website. where we provide any relevant updates. BSC also has a blog, plus you are very welcome to sign up for our email newsletter. You only need to sign up by using the handy dandy button (Click to get BSC News!) - the button right there on the left!

Will you pass my email address on to hundreds of thousands of other vendors and fill my email inbox with billions of emails?
No way! We hate spam as much as you do!

Where are the BSC classes located?
Unless otherwise indicated, you may assume that every class is held in the Bayview School of Cooking Kitchen in the mezzanine at Bayview Thriftway on 516 West Fourth Avenue in Olympia, Washington. Sometimes classes take place on the outside deck at Bayview so be sure to dress appropriately for the weather.

What is this FREE class called In the Kitchen and how much does it really cost?
In the Kitchen is a FREE class that costs you nada, zip, not a dime and totally without expense. It is offered FREE to the community the first Thursday of each month (most of the time) first at 9am and then repeated at 1pm. No registration is taken for the classes and samples are offered along with a FREE handout of the dishes demonstrated.

Click here for a list of previous class handouts, also FREE to download.

What are all those little icons on the Class Schedule Pages?
The icons are to help viewers quickly tell the kind of service the class provides. Each icon means something in particular and there is a key at the bottom of the page to assist with meaning.
Complementary wine pairing - A complementary wine served with the menu samples (sometimes some other boozy conconction is listed). This is not a full glass of wine and is served only in complement to the flavors of the dishes. In most classes you may purchase an additional glass of wine. The staff attending the class will notify you of this option and the price of each glass. Just to make it clear, our class wine samples are complementary: Complementary vs Complimentary.

Complementary Beer Served - Like the wine sample mentioned above, a complementary beer is served with the menu samples. Again, this is not a full glass of beer and is served only in complement to the flavors of the dishes. In most classes you may buy an additional glass of beer. The staff attending the class will notify you of this option and the price of each glass. Again, just to make it clear, our class beer samples are complementary: Complementary vs Complimentary.

Guest Chef Class - A Guest Chef is leading the class.

BSC Kids Culinary Arts Program - This is a class designed specifically for children. BSC works to make the classes age appropriate and have designed two programs to meet developmentally appropriate groups, one for children ages 5 - 8 and a second class for children ages 9 - 13. These classes are not "dumbed" down for children, instead aimed at developing kitchen skills and an understanding of food cuisine that is challenging and fun. We also offer Summer Camps for both age groups with these same concepts in place. Because we want the class to be a positive experience, it is not recommended that you sign your child up for a class that is inappropriate. However, if you believe your child can benefit from a move to the other age group, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss this.

Note the Time for this ClassPlease note the time for this class - This class doesn't run during our standard time for classes. It might start earlier and end on-time. It might start on-time and end later. It might start earlier and end laster. No matter, please make note so you're not late to class or late getting home. We do not use this designation for any of the day time classes (Kids Cuisine classes or Culinary Field Trips or any In the Kitchen classes). Time is an amorphous concept don't you think?

Hands-On Adult/Teen Class - This is a hands-on adult or teen learning experience taught with your hands in the food. These classes are smaller in size and under the guidance of the instructor, allow students to do the actual preparation and cooking of the dishes. These classes are very popular and usually fill up quickly!

A Local Establishment - This class/event features a local establishment and by local we usually mean a restaurant or eatery within the oddball borders of Thurston County. Seattle doesn't count this time bebe!

Culinary Field TripCulinary Field Trip - Our newest icon of honor! These classes are a field trip to a culinary destination and usually involve shopping and eating and lots of educating. An instructor is the tour guide and the focus varies depending upon the cuisine featured. Always fun and always edible and you don't even have to drive!

What's a pdf and does it cost me anything?

pdf document - download free Adobe Acrobat Reader A Portable Document Format (PDF/pdf) is a handy and protective way to share documents on and off the Internet. On the BSC web site, each pdf is designed to open in its own window. If you wish to view a pdf you can download Adobe® Reader® software for free at
The McAfee Security Scan Plus mentioned on their site, is not a required part of the download and you do not need it to view a pdf document.

Do I get the full meal deal with these classes?
Unfortunately, no. Except for classes where a complete meal is specifically mentioned, all classes offer ample samples of the dishes prepared. It is our hope that you'll take the learning experience gained in class home with you and prepare complete meals for your friends and family.

I can't make the class because of bad weather, good weather, emergencies or something else you haven't listed here.
Please review the BSC Registration Policy...which basically says "If BSC cancels a class for any reason you’ll be contacted by phone and receive a full refund. If you must cancel a class, please notify us at least four days in advance for a full refund. Cancellations of less than four days will be given 50% credit toward another class. No credit given without pre-cancellation. However, a prepaid reservation is transferable to another attendee." That last sentence is a great opportunity for someone you love or at least like a lot!

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BSC is located at Bayview Thriftway
All classes are held in the BSC Kitchen unless otherwise noted.
516 West Fourth Ave ~ Olympia, WA 98502
Call (360) 754-1448