Fall Brochure

BSC Fall 2019

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“Sometimes you will never know the value of

a moment until it becomes a memory.”
Dr. Seuss, (Theodor Seuss Geisel), author, cartoonist, animator

“If a year was tucked inside of a clock, then
autumn would be the magic hour.”
Victoria Erickson, author

Both these quotes really resonate with me. I’ve always thought of twilight to be the magic hour of the day, when everything is bathed in that beautiful light and isn’t that what autumn really is? I’m especially fond of the last four months of the year. I know this brochure only covers three of those four, but you’ll forgive the liberties I’m taking. These favorite last months of the year are full of memories, moments I didn’t know the full value of until they were gone.

So many memories are connected to smells and tastes. One of the first food memories that I can remember is waking up to the smell of my mom starting the Thanksgiving stuffing—onion and celery softening in butter and lightly browning in a skillet. To this day, that smell can trigger the best feelings. Sometimes I wonder why food is so much more to me than sustenance. To me, it is part of love and caring, joy and celebration, longing and memory. I know I got this from my mom. Her cooking and food traditions were completely taken for granted, but none of it was lost. I’ve tried to pass this on to my own children and while most of it seems taken for just the norm, I know it will stay with them. I hope my mom is looking down and knowing that no dutiful act, no loving notion, is ever lost.

Our work at BSC isn’t saving the world but maybe, in some small way, it’s helping to add to these valuable moments that become memory. Perhaps a kid will learn to make breakfast for his parents, a neighbor will find out how to make the perfect crust for a pie that goes to the new family on the block, a dad will acquire pizza-making skills and initiate “Friday Pizza Nights,” or a friend will discover Korean cuisine and bring a new dish to book club. You never know.

Come to a class, go on a tour, party at one of our dinners. Memories will be made. Enjoy the season and hope to see you soon, upstairs in the BSC kitchen.

Leanne Willard
Bayview School of Cooking Director